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Swapping categories

  • fashion

    Looking to snag sweet shoes, accessories & clothes? Swap for the best in fashion, from vintage clothing & retro dresses, to snappy shirts, cool coats & whistle-worthy handbags.

  • kids' gear

    Parents, put your child’s outgrown items to good use! Swap like-new strollers, baby bedding, kids’ clothes, toys & more for great finds for the kids or fearsomely fine fashion for yourself!

  • home

    Make sure visitors to your home are floored by your fab furnishings! Swap for hundreds of unique room accents, handy kitchen gadgets & other amazing home decor & appartment items.

    coming soon...

  • more

    What next? You tell us!

    Chime in here to let us know what categories you’d like us to launch!

How Swapdom Works

Why Swapdom

  • Multi-Party Swaps

    Our special algorithm organizes multi-party swaps for you (e.g. A gives to B, B gives to C, and so on, until X gives to A), so you get what you want without having to negotiate.

  • Fairest Swaps of Them All

    Our multi-way swapping system guarantees everyone gets a fair exchange without having to worry about valuations.

  • Shipshape Shipping

    Our dedicated mail carrier provides transparency and makes shipping easy.

  • Built-In Reliability

    All swappers pay for shipping before swaps are finalized. Our top-notch swapper rating system adds a second layer of accountability.

  • More Winning, Less Waste

    Get something you value in exchange for items you love but would like to pass on to someone new.

  • Expand Your Options

    Add alternate items when making requests and offers to maximize your swap's success!